DH3 / DH3-W

Thickness: Standing platform 0.190" / 4,8 mm, Ends 0.375” / 9,5 mm
Length: 39.67"-41.67" / 100,8-105,8 cm (depending on end pieces used)
Width: DH3 10.0" / 25,4 cm
Width: DH3-W: Front (9.75” / 24,8cm) Mid (8.6” /21,8cm) Back (8.75” /22,2cm)
Weight: 7.2 lbs / 3,45 kg to 7.8 lbs / 3,55 kg (depending on deck and end options)
Inner hole wheelbase(s): 32.0"-34.0" / 81,3-86,4 cm (depending on end pieces used)
Inner hole wheelbase(s): 31.5”–33.3” / 80,0-84,6 cm (with DHX style ends)
Lasercut grip tape: 46 grit
Truck mounting pattern: Old school. DHX style ends will accept New School and Old School
Color(s): Many anodized colors. Inquire for current availability

This downhill board uses a modular system consisting of two end pieces that bolt to a standing platform. It can be delivered with both the standard or –W platform and any combination the end pieces available.
The end pieces are available LONG (34” WB), 0.5" shorter, 0.75" shorter, 1.0" shorter and the DHX adjustable end pieces.
Depending on the specific truck and wheel being used, the wheel to deck clearance and the actual wheelbase (wheel to wheel) can be adjusted to suit the components and the rider.
Wedged end pieces are available with 5, 7 or 10 degree wedging. The ends can be used in the front or rear and can be used to add or remove steering angle depending on the mounting direction.
Deck: $250
Complete: $340
(Randal R2 180/50 or 42, 75mm ABEC11 or Retro Bigzigs)

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